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Paul Hughes

Author of Branded Growth & Founder of The Circle of Growth

Paul Hughes is an internationally renowned top professional keynote speaker on Growth with a unique speaking style. Paul is leading a movement that is driven by his formula for success: the Circle of Growth.

"Your Growth is my Why"

Paul Hughes

In detail

Coming from a long tradition of Irish storytellers, Paul has developed a unique presentation style to enhance comprehension and engagement: he draws live as speaks along ten meters of paper. He has been voted 'Best Speaker' numerous times. Paul believes that in our current interconnected world trans-formation is necessary to overcome the global challenges we face today. In the past two decades, Paul is known as 'the expert's expert' because his knowledge is not based on that of one CEO, VP, or Founder of a single company only but it is collected from 1000's of companies. He has interviewed successful people from every field to extract their model of success, including Al Pacino.

What he offers you

Paul's overarching theme is Growth, which he says is a 'natural force in nature'. He works with what he calls the 'Trilogy of Growth: Leadership, Innovation, & Branding' to inspire people to action and shift to their next level of Growth.

How he presents

His audiences are captivated, inspired, and motivated as Paul reveals stories along ten meters of paper during his presentations. He uses clear articulation, humour and warmth to connect with worldwide audiences.


He presents in English.

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  • The Circle of Growth
  • The Three P's of Growth: Patterns, Principles, Practice
  • The Trilogy of Growth: Leadership, Innovation & Branding
  • Ten Meters of Thinking


  • 2016
    Branded Growth - Revealing the Twenty-One Steps to Simplify Growth


Paul Hughes

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