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Wayne Hemingway MBE

Co-founder of Red or Dead and HemingwayDesign

Wayne Hemingway is an international and award winning designer with strong ethical and social values. He is the Designer and Founder of the Red or Dead fashion label and is currently Partner at Hemingway Design. Wayne has worked with local authorities to regenerate their housing stock, both in urban and coastal communities.

"I use technology to work more professionally, but especially to finish work quickly."

Wayne Hemingway MBE

In detail

Wayne began his career selling handmade and vintage clothing at Camden Market. Alongside his wife Gerardine, he built Red or Dead into a globally-celebrated label and, after 21 seasons on the catwalk, sold it in a multi-million-pound deal. In 1999, Wayne and Gerardine founded HemingwayDesign which specialises in affordable and social design. As well as housing, Wayne and his team have designed furniture for G Plan and John Lewis, wallpaper for Graham & Brown, uniforms for McDonalds and London Underground, and a host of other projects for clients. Wayne received an MBE in 2006 and is on the Design Council Trustee Board and the Design Council CABE Committee.

What he offers you

Wayne recounts how he started from humble beginnings and then rose to success and fame with his own label. Whilst his presentations offer fascinating insights into the complex world of fashion and design they also demonstrate the importance of ethics, creativity and innovation in business.

How he presents

Wayne's down to earth and entertaining presentations leave audiences highly inspired and energised.


He presents in English.

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  • Business Development and Strategy
  • Branding, Marketing and Leadership
  • Responsible and Ethical Business
  • Innovation, Design and Creativity
  • Retail
  • Inspirational Personal "Rags to Red or Dead" Story
  • Housing


  • 2015
    The Vintage Fashion Bible: The style guide to vintage looks 1920s -1990s
  • 2010
    A Place to Live
  • 2004
    Home Buyers Guide Counter-pack: What to Look and Ask for When Buying a New Home
  • Cocktail Shakers Lava Lamps Tuppe
  • 2003
    Mass Market Classics: A Celebration of Everyday Design

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